Pliers for Installs eyelets with 100 eyelets

Product code: 0130014001325

Pliers for Installs eyelets. These pliers are made of steel and plastic.

Supplier Page: China (Mainland)
Supplier Page: China (Mainland)

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data sheet
Weight 113 g
Type Punch Plier
Material steel and plastic
Color Silver&red
Length: 15 cm
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You can appreciate pliers for installation of eyelets in a variety of materials (leather, pads, paper, plastic, cloth, etc.). The size of the tab is 5 mm tool. Pliers are covered with plastic handle for easy gripping. These pliers are ideal for home, shop, hobbies and crafts.

Package Included:

1 x Eyelet Pliers with about 100 eyelets


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