EU Plug Analyzer Electricity monitor

Product code: 0200115001371

EU Plug Power Energy Watt Volt Amps Meter Analyzer Electricity monitor

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data sheet
Color white
Model Number 65003
Voltage 230V----250V
Rated Current 16A
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Large LCD display for easy reading.

Measure voltage, frequency, current, power factor, wattage, minimum & maximum power and record cumulative kilowatt-hour, time and electricity expenses.

Seven display modes, transferred by pressing "FUNCTION".

Overload warning displayed on LCD.

Built-in 3.6V rechargeable battery (NI-MH) to store electricity and saving setting.

Easy electricity price setting.


Operating voltage: 230V 50Hz

Operating current: Max. 16A

Wide voltage range: 230V----250V

Timing display range: 0second----9999days

Wattage display (watts): 0W----3600W

Voltage display range: 0V----9999V

Current display (amps): 0.0----16.0A

Frequency display: 0Hz----9999Hz

Minimum wattage display range: 0.0W----3600W

Maximum wattage display range: 0.0W----3600W

Price display range: 0.00€/KWH----99.99€/KWH

Total kilowatt-hour and cost display: 0.000KWH----9999KWH, 0.00€----9999€

Plug: European standard

Product size: 15.5 * 7.0 * 7.5cm

Color: white


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