Set of sponges for cleaning stains (10 pieces / set)

Product code: 0100112001638

Set small white sponges the size of 100x62x20mm. These sponges are used for cleaning stains throughout the house (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.).

Supplier Page: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Supplier Page: Zhejiang China (Mainland)

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data sheet
Type Sponge
Material Melamine
Color white
Size: 100mm x 60mm x 20mm
More info

Below there are a collection of small white sponges that are used for cleaning stains in the house and not only. Sponge has the following dimensions of 100x62x20mm. Sponges from this set will help you quickly and efficiently handle the spots around the house (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.). Very convenient and practical thing.

How to use:

- wet the sponge in water and gently squeeze;
- give it in the area of the stain gently;
- you can use warm water;
- rinse the dirt with cold water and let dry.


- do not rub too hard;
- do not sterilise the sponge in hot water and do not use detergents;
- do not use glossy, polished surfaces, such as a car, PC screen, etc.;
- recommend wearing gloves when using a sponge.


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