EU Plugs 120V-230V Wireless Energy Saving Remote Control

Product code: 0200115000180

EU Plugs 120V-230V Wireless Energy Saving Remote Control Power Outlet Plug Socket Switch Set for Lamps Household Appliance

Supplier Page: China (Mainland)
Supplier Page: China (Mainland)

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data sheet
Type Plug with Socket
Color white
Application Residential / General-Purpose
Voltage 120V-230V
Grounding Non-Grounding
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Remote controlled socket is plugged into any normal electrical outlet and can be switched on and off with the transmitter.
Individual ON/OFF function for the remote control.
Easy to set up and use, saving energy.
LED indication on the socket and the remote control.
Perfect for controlling household appliance conveniently.

1. The socket will still remain in the "OFF" mode after a power out, even when the power comes on again.
2. For indoor use only.
3. Do not exceed the maximum load current.


Color: White

Plug Type: EU Plug

Voltage: 120V~230V 50Hz~60Hz

Transmission Frequency: 433.92MHz

Remote Range:Approx. 20m

Power Supply of Remote Control: 1 * DC12V 23A Battery (not included)

Max. Load Current: 10A

Remote Control Size: 8 * 3.5 * 1.5cm

Power Socket Size: 10 * 5.7cm

Product Weight: (Socket + Remote Control)121g~133g

Package Size: 10 * 6.5 * 11cm

Package Weight: 160g~172g


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