All in One Universal Charger Adapter 2 USB Port

Product code: 0200115000197

All in One Universal International Plug Adapter 2 USB Port World Travel AC Power Charger Adaptor with AU US UK EU Plug

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data sheet
Height 65
Width 55
Depth 70
Weight 119g
Type Electrical Plug
Material PC
Color white
is customized Yes
Power supply mode A.C. Source
Voltage 100 - 240V
Country of origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
USB Quantity: 2
More info

Universal 2 USB Port World Travel AC Power Plug Charger Adapter for MP3 / Digital Camera / Mobile Phone / GPS / PDA / Travel Speaker

This is a USB AC power plug charger adapter. There are 2 USB port and it has 4 plug for different plug standard, so you can use it when you travel all over the world. It can use a range of devices, including MP3, digital camera, mobile phone, GPS, PDA, travel speaker, etc. It can link with smartphone

Main Features:

- Universal all-in-one world travel plug adapter.
- One piece unit with 4 international adapters, includes AU, US, UK, EU.
- Easy to use, fits wall outlets in the most commonly traveled regions.
- Protect your computer and personal appliances from spikes in the foreign electricity.
- It is small and portable.
- The charge adapter is suitable for MP3, digital camera, mobile phone, GPS, PDA, travel speaker, etc.
- It can link with many mobile phone


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