4 USB Charging Wall Socket

Product code: 0200115000220

4 USB Charging Wall Socket Input AC85- 2265V /Output 5V 3A 4Usb universal socket

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data sheet
Height 86
Width 86
Depth 36mm
Application Residential / General-Purpose
Model Number EX-02
Voltage 220V
Grounding Standard Grounding
Rated Current 3
Input Voltage: 85-265V AC
Output voltage: DC5V/3A
Output Interface: 4XUSB
More info

Charging 4 cell phones at a time. The 4 USB socket make the people easy to get charged in the public place. 

Very good for the School, dormitory. The total current is 3A. You can charge the ipad, cell phone. Camera, PSP, MID, GPRS and other 5V specification electronics.

Usage scope:

Home or Public place.Such as school, hospital, Metro/Airport/Bus station, hotel, restaurant.


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