10 in 1 universal usb cables for charge mobile phones

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10 in 1 universal usb cables for mobile phones multi charger line


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data sheet
Weight 37g
Type USB Cables
Color Black
is customized Yes
Model Number 10 in 1 USB cable
Length: 21cm
Country of origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Compatible Brand: Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, LG
More info

1. 100% Brand New.

2. Weight: 37g/pcs

3. USB Charger Cable: 21.5cm

4. Color: Black

5. Fun, easy, convenient to use.

6. This 10-in-1 USB Charger recharge power for all your portable devices from your laptop or home computer.

7. Just plug in the USB port in your PC and recharge your electronic devices!

8. While travelling on business or pleasure, you only need to bring one cable and it helps you to charge all your portable devices.

9. Overload and short-circuit protection Fit most of mobile phones

Note: The 10 in 1 USB cable only can be used a recharge cable, not transfer data.

Package Content: Multi-Function Cell Phone USB Charger Cable (only USB cable without retail box )



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