About Us

       Dear client, you are welcome to our site Safsira. It is a project that enables online shoppers to buy goods conveniently and directly from producers and their sales agents in China and in other countries. By buying goods from the original country of production to be delivered to the post office, you can save up to half the cost or even more!


You don’t need to open any additional cards, accounts, or register on different websites selling products. Moreover, we take full care of the entire delivery process, customs clearance and other possible issues with payment, returns. All these services we provide in your own language!


The site features a range of products offered by sales agents cooperating with us. You just need to choose the item you want, place your order and pay for it via a secure system. Immediately after paying, we will place your order before the seller, track delivery of the goods to the post office, provide necessary delivery support until we receive confirmation that you have received the goods. It is after then that your money will be paid to the seller.


Our service is created to make it very convenient for those who want to safely and securely shop for goods in the country where they are produced. Our site is designed in such a way as to ensure that its use is in line with the Jewish halakhah laws and standards of modesty.


Our site is not just an ordinary online store. It serves as your personal agent that helps and supports you in your online shopping, starting from choosing the goods and ending with receiving the goods in hand at the post office. We have no warehouses; we only help you to order for the goods so as to make your shopping experience as convenient and secure as possible. Our site provides a range of selected high-quality products. So you can be rest assured that the products you are ordering for are one of the best of its kind available in online sales.


Our services are paid for. Our commissions are displayed next to the goods when you are about to pay for them.


Wishing you a pleasant, convenient and economical shopping!



Safsira Administration