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Product search and selection
Shopping options: registered and unregistered users
Our services and fees
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Delivery period
Possible claims and solutions
Receiving goods and your review
Product search and selection

The Safsira service makes it very convenient and confortable for you when buying any item online.

The service secures for you the most affordable price and best quality.


For items ordered through our service, the manufacturers of those goods or their sales agents deliver them by postal parcel to the address specified by you. Without leaving your home, you can save a decent amount of money making purchases.


On our part, we do help you monitor and ensure that the item you receive meets the specifications stated on the product page and that it is delivered to you safely. You money is transferred to the seller's account ONLY after these conditions have been met.


The site has the following sections:

* Apparel. This section features universal design clothes, as well as various clothing items and accessories.

* Baby. Here, you have all the necessary things required to raise and care for a child. Items in this section are inexpensive and easy to use.

* Electronics. This section offers a wide range of electrical products, such as household appliances, computer hardware and much more.

* Home. Here, you can browse through all sorts of items that are always needed when creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-being in your home. There are a variety of necessary goods with unique interesting ideas for the comfort of your home. They are user-friendly and available at affordable prices.

* Work & Hobby. Here you will find many useful things that you need in the office or at your home office. We will also provide you with a range of products for creativity and your hobby, which can inspire a creative person.


NOTE! All the photos provided on this site are only for the purpose of helping you understand how the items look like. We cannot guarantee that the item sent to you will fully resemble the one shown in photos. All photos are strictly selected to ensure they comply with the Jewish halakhah laws and standards of modesty.


On our service, you can also search for a particular item you want. To do this, you need to select the product in the "Search" field on the site. Even if that item you want is not available on the site at the moment, our system will record your search activity and we will try to add the item in our product range.


Safsira service also enables you to save your favorite items without having to first buy or order for them. You can easily place the item in your shopping cart. After viewing our entire product range, you can then come back to your shopping cart to closely view the items you chose. Besides, a registered user can add items to his/her Favorites, and can at anytime quickly access them in the Favorites list.

Shopping options: registered and unregistered users

You can quickly order for any product you want on our site. Both registered and unregistered users can make use of our service.

To buy items, you need to select them from the catalog and add to your shopping cart. Then, go directly to your shopping cart and place your order. After placing your order, you will be required to make payment using one of the payment methods available.

As a registered user, you will be able to make your online shopping as efficiently and quickly as possible.

User registration takes seconds. You just need to enter just a few details abobout yourseland f and onl to make your shopping experience faster and more convenient in the futurey For example, wnce to make your shopping experience faster and more convenient in the future. For example, whenever you want to order for other iteoffered to you as a the future, you will noyoueed to again re-enter your delivery address.yourther benefit offeredou can also view the history of orders made by you and your Favorites list.


After placing your order, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page.

With our system, you can quickly and safely pay for your order via a secure channel. You can choose any of the following payment methods:


1. Credit/debit cards VISA, MasterCard and IsraCard. All your data are transmitted exclusively via a secure channel. The security and confidentiality of your personal data are our priority. They are transmitted in an encrypted form inaccessible to anyone else.


2. PayPal.


3. You can pay with vouchers. The voucher number needs to be entered in a special field at the final stage of your order. Every voucher has a certain nominal amount of money. You can always check your voucher balance in our service.

You can also easily and conveniently top up your voucher to pay for your order. In order to buy a voucher for a certain amount, you just need to contact our manager via the Contact Us page.


4. Transferring funds to our bank account (to obtain a voucher number for the transfer amount):

Sapphire Trading

Bank: Discount (11), ISRAEL

Branch: 69

Account# 0132102457

(when making a bank transfer, issuance of a voucher number should be agreed with our manager)


5. Cash payment. You can make pay by cash through our representatives in different cities. When paying, you receive a voucher number for the appropriate amount (will be available soon).


Regardless of the payment method chosen your personal information remains strictly confidential and inaccessible to anyone else.

Our services and fees

Our services include:


* Searching for the best quality, comfortable, original and functional items for you in the segment available on the site.

* Making it possible for you to view your ordered items order according to Jewish halakhah laws.

* Translating product information to your language and making it possible for you to use our services in your language.

* You don't need to give any stranger the details of your credit/debit cards and other personal data (except your postal address to send your order). We will do everything for you.

* Ensuring your order is delivered: our service is a guarantee that your money is transferred to the seller ONLY after you have received your items.

* Ensuring the safety of your goods: if you received from a seller a broken, defective or non- functioning item, you will not have to pay for it. You only need to contact us before the expiry date. The expiry date is indicated in the service for each item.


To use our system, you pay a small reasonable fee, which enables you to save much on time and money when buying goods.


Our fees are as follows:

1. $1 for goods worth $4.99 or less.

2. $2 for goods worth $5-14.99.

3. $3 for goods worth $15-24.99.

4. $4 for goods worth $25-39.99.

5. $5 for goods worth $40 and above.

Contact Us

Use the Contact Us page in the upper right corner of the screen.


In the form located on this page, enter the subject of your message, your contact email address, order number (if you are writhing about a particular order made online) and your message in the large field on the right. Then enter the characters shown in the image and click "Send". We have received your message. We will contact you within 24 hours.


Besides, when making your order using the special form, you can leave comments and requests with regards to the order, etc.


If you have already made your order, you can still add comments to it by using the MY ORDERS menu for registered users, or the CHECK ORDER menu for unregistered users. You need to specify your order number, log in, and use the special form to send us your comments. In your comments, you can write, for example, that delivery of your items is being delayed and that the delivery deadline should be extended. You can also write about defects in a product received. After receiving your message, we will try to address the issue as soon as possible.


The phone number of our round-the clock customer service will soon be available on the site. We are currently working towards that.


Once you have made your order and paid for it, the relevant details will be instantly sent to the manufacturer (or seller) in the country of production of the goods. The ordered goods are then sent by post to your address indicated when creating your order. In most cases, after your items have been sent, you can track their movement using a unique international code. The postal service issues this code to the sender at the time of shipment and, within a few days, appears on our website. You can see your order on your check order page.


With your code, you can track the movement of your goods on the postal help pages here or here. But if the parcel has already arrived Israel, then you can check it on the webpage of Israel Post here.


A parcel is delivered within an average of about 30 days. If there are traditional holidays in the country of origin or in Israel, delivery may take 40-50 days. After the parcel has arrived Israel, it will be sent to your local post office, and if it's a small parcel, it is usually delivered by the postman to your home. If the parcel is large, you will need to come and collect it from the post office.

Delivery period

Each ordered item has expected delivery period. The seller sends you the goods by post and wants to receive his money for it, while we cannot transfer the money to the seller until you have received your items and checked that they all are working properly and without defects. You can see the days remaining for delivery of your goods from the order check menu. Your money will not be transferred to the seller until the delivery period ends.


This period is usually enough for the buyer to receive and check his items. Therefore, immediately after receiving your items and checking them, you should press the “Received” button next to each of the items ordered.  Your money will be transferred to the seller once you have pressed“Received”.


If you didn’t receive your items 2-3 days before the end of the delivery period, you should leave us a comment for the items whose delivery period is about to end, with a request for the delivery period to be extended.


We cannot ensure that all items shipped out to our customers are delivered on time and in good condition. This task is the responsibility of the buyer. If the item was received but in bad condition or does not have the features declared, the buyer should contact us with this claim before the delivery period expires. In this case, we will deal with this issue and the delivery period extended.


NOTE: If the delivery period has expired and no claim or request for extension of the period was received, it will be considered that the buyer has received the items and in good condition. In this case, claims against the items will no longer be accepted!

Possible claims and solutions

Within the delivery period, you can file a complaint to us if you received a faulty or defective product. We deal with each claim thoroughly and try to resolve it with the seller in your favor: If your claim is confirmed to be true, you will be refunded your money or new item sent to you. You can also file a complaint using the contact us form (see Contact Us ) by entering your order number in the field provided. In cases where a claim must include attachment of a photo of the defective product, you'll have to do it, for example, by using the form, through the field "Attachment". We accept and deal with the following claims (provided the conditions stated in brackets are met):


1) The item wasn't received (and the delivery period has been extended one or two times).    

2) The item doesn't work as described by the seller (it is necessary to state exactly that it doesn't work, and if this can be confirmed with a photo, then you need to attach one)    

3) The number of items received (parts of the order) is less than the number in your order. (It is necessary to send a photo in which the postal package is seen and that the part of the order is missing)    

4) You received an empty parcel. (You should send its photo)    

5) The item is damaged or broken. (You should send a clear photo confirming this)    

6) Despite the fact that the buyer provided accurate delivery data, your parcel was sent to a wrong person. Because of this, you could not receive your parcel due to the sender's fault.


 The amount of compensation cannot exceed the amount paid for the item involved in the claim!

Receiving goods and your review

In the check order menu, you can press the “Received” button next to each of the items ordered. By doing so, it means you have received the items, checked them, and don't have any claims against them. After pressing this button, the delivery period will stop its countdown, and we will no longer accept claims against the items.


At the same time, a special window will open where you can leave a review about the items received. This will help other users in making the right choice based on an objective opinion from you the buyer, who received the goods! Your review will be published on the page of the item you bought (in the catalog). Only your name (without surname) will be displayed in your review.